Enjoy your moments of creativity and relaxation in a unique way

Give a new dimension to your reading and writing experiences!

My soy or beeswax candles and vegan soaps are handmade.

With 100% natural ingredients and zero animal cruelty.

Do you want to make an original gift to your loved ones?

I can prepare the shipment for a gift!

Discover your New Creative Experiences!

  • Icono jabón

    100% Vegan Soaps

    Are you tea, coffee or chocolate? Do you have cats or dogs? Do you like dried flowers and plants?

    I make you a soap of a different shape, color and aroma for each of the occasions!

  • Icono vela

    Vegan and Beeswax Candles


    Mold candles (various shapes)

    Candles in metal boxes and lid

    Candles in a glass jar

    I make them with soy wax and beeswax. Without paraffin, without releasing toxicity into the environment

  • Icono libro y pluma

    Do you like to write?

    With this pack you will have the ultimate creative experience that will help develop your imagination and your ideas on paper. You will have:

    My Online Writing Course


    Scented candle


    100% Vegan soap

  • Icono libro abierto

    Do you like to read?

    I present different packs of reading with books written by me. You will have:

    Scented candle


    Artisan soap


    One of my books:

    Poetry on audiobook, historical fantasy and soon horror

I show you how I make this candle:

  • Icono planta

    ALL 100% NATURAL

    All the ingredients I use for the candles and soaps, except for the Bee wax, are of origin vegetable. I do not use paraffin in candles as it releases toxicity into the environment.

  • Icono mano


    Soaps and candles are made by hand in my workshop in Stuttgart. I buy all the necessary materials and ingredients myself from sustainable sources.

  • Icono envío internacional


    All shipments are prepared and sent by DHL from Stuttgart to the individual countries as quickly as possible. The estimated delivery time depends on the country of origin and the delivery times of the courier.

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Jabones 100% veganos artesanos de té, café y cacao con forma de corazón, libro y cajita
Velas encendidas de cera de abeja artesanas y en vasos de vidrio
Vela de cera de abeja con forma de Buda, encendida, junto a una pequeña flor de cera y puzle Yin Yang detrás