Collection: Elegant 100% beeswax candles

Purify the air in your creative or relaxing space by giving it an elegant touch with these beautiful candles that I make for you in the traditional way with 100% pure beeswax.

Containers to choose from:

🟢 Beautiful metal box with lid (gold, silver, bronze or black)

🟢 Glass jar (clear or amber)

🐝 Benefits of beeswax:

✅ It is a natural by-product of the beekeeping industry and is therefore the most sustainable alternative to others such as paraffin (derived from petroleum), or soya (related to deforestation).

✅ For these moulded candles I use beeswax because it is more resistant without the need for additives than others such as soya wax.

✅ They have a high melting point and tend to last longer than others.

✅ In contrast to paraffin candles, beeswax candles detoxify the air, and

beeswax candles detoxify the air

Neutralise unpleasant odours