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Zodiacal candle 100% beeswax

Zodiacal candle 100% beeswax

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What design do you want for the tin?

Now you can have a candle with the symbols of the 12 zodiac signs. Ideal to surprise with an original and esoteric gift

Give an esoteric touch to your creative or relaxing space with this candle!

  • Handmade with 100% beeswax (70 g)
  • In a beautiful metal container with lid (12 designs to choose from) You can reuse it when the candle runs out (you can clean it and use it as a small flowerpot, or to store jewellery...) 
  • Animal cruelty free

Precautions when lighting the candle: 

-Place it on a stable surface to prevent it from falling over.

-Be aware that the bottom of the container can get hot and damage certain surfaces.

-If you have children and/or pets: keep the candle out of their reach to avoid accidents.

-Do not use flammable products near the candle when it is lit.

-Durability: it is recommended that there are no draughts near the candle when it is lit.

Recommendations when not in use:

-Keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources to avoid melting the candle.

🐝 Benefits of beeswax:

It is a natural by-product of the beekeeping industry and is therefore the most sustainable alternative to others such as paraffin (derived from petroleum), or soya (related to deforestation).

For these moulded candles I use beeswax because it is more resistant without the need for additives than others such as soya wax.

They have a high melting point and tend to last longer than others.

Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax candles detoxify the air.

Neutralise unpleasant odours

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