Collection: Vegan Zodiacal Candles

You can choose a little box with your horoscope for your candle. If it is a gift, you will also surprise that special person. 

Add your own touch to your creative or relaxing space with this soy scented candle that I make especially for you!

100% Vegan. Animal cruelty free

All made by me in my workshop in Stuttgart. 100% natural, no animal cruelty.

🌱 Benefits of soy wax:

It is sustainable: derived from the soy plant, a renewable and biodegradable source.

✅ It releases no toxicity into the air and produces virtually no soot, like paraffin wax.

It is easy to clean up if spilled, hot water and soap is enough. This makes working with it not too cumbersome.

Compatible with a vegan lifestyle.

✅ High melting point soy wax can be mixed with low melting point soy wax for a stronger blend. Can also be blended with other waxes, such as beeswax.