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100% Vegan Aromatic Zodiac Candle

100% Vegan Aromatic Zodiac Candle

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What scent do you prefer?
Which zodiac sign do you prefer?

Now you can have a candle with your zodiac sign. Ideal also to surprise with a personalised gift

Give a special and unique touch to your creative or relaxing space with this soy scented candle that I make especially for you!

  • Handmade from soy wax (70 g)
  • In a beautiful metal container with lid that you can reuse when the candle runs out (you can clean it and use it as a small flower pot, or to store jewellery...)
  • Assorted scents
  • Animal cruelty free

Precautions when lighting the candle: 

-Place it on a stable surface to prevent it from falling over.

-Be aware that the bottom of the container can get hot and damage certain surfaces.

-If you have children and/or pets: keep the candle out of their reach to avoid accidents.

-Do not use flammable products near the candle when it is lit.

-Durability: it is recommended that there are no draughts near the candle when it is lit.

Recommendations when not in use:

-Keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources to avoid melting the candle.

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