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Romantic Writer

Romantic Writer

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What scent do you want for the candle?
What scent do you want for the soap?

Do you like to write emotional and romantic stories with a touch of fantasy, then this pack is perfect for you!

With this pack you will have the ultimate creative experience that will help develop your imagination and ideas on paper. 

Remember that you can also give it as a gift to someone special!




🟢 100% vegan scented candle

  • Handmade by me, with soy wax
  • In a beautiful metal container with lid
  • Various scents (fruity, floral or herbal)
  • Animal cruelty free

🟢 100% vegan "Heart" tea soap

  • Handmade by me, with vegetable glycerine, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.
  • Main colour is given by the tea, but may have colour variations due to food grade dye
  • Various aromas (fruity, floral or herbal)
  • Animal cruelty free
  • 100% vegan

🟢 Online Writing Course


*Important: the course is in Spanish*


After the purchase of the pack:


-I will give you access to the virtual classroom so you can view the content with the email you provide when you purchase the pack, and the password you choose. These will be your credentials to access the online course.


-Check your email: you will receive an email from Nuevas Experiencias Creativas so you can download a brief guide with the link to the virtual classroom and ways to contact me if you have any doubts about the course content. 


You will have 6 modules with several lessons each + Bonus . Each lesson has a video and a pdf with the theory explained, plus, in some lessons, practical exercises, own examples, diagrams and templates are included.

You will have all the content at your disposal forever, so you will learn at your own pace and from wherever you want.




Welcome module


✅ You will learn the important aspects to take into account depending on the genre you want to write, the different ways to finish your work and some mistakes to avoid.


Module 1: Know Yourself

✅ You will define why you want to write and where you get your best ideas. 

✅ You will find inspiration in everything around you.

✅ You will make your text credible in the eyes of a reader.

Module 2: The Three Parts Of The Novel And Its 6 Pillars

✅ You will learn the 6 basic pillars of a novel (Plot, Story, Characters, Obstacle, Conflict and Climax) and how to fit them into their three parts: Introduction, Knot and Denouement.

✅ You will learn what a trigger, a turning point and a cliffhanger are, to make the beginning of your novel impactful and hook the reader from the first page.

Module 3: Preparation and Documentation According to the Genre of Your Work

✅ You will learn the sources of information and documentation according to the genre of your novel.

✅ You will establish a timeline that will help you to order the events that take place in your work.

✅ You will learn how to choose the best narrator for your story.

Module 4: Create Your Charismatic Characters

✅ You will create your main and secondary characters so that they have charisma and connect with the reader. 

✅ You will learn the difference between round characters and flat characters.

Module 5: Write! Create the First Draft of Your Work

✅ You will learn the difference between being a map or compass writer, as well as the writing methods of each so you can choose the one that best suits you.

✅ You will learn the characteristics of good dialogue.

You will learn how to create narrative tension, suspense and intrigue.

✅ Create your writing routine, avoiding creative blocks.

Module 6: Finish Your Novel

✅ You will learn to take distance from your work.

✅ You will understand the importance of seeking professional help: to get a reading report, spelling and style corrections of your work. 

✅ You will take back your work and rewrite the parts that can be improved to make it irresistible.

✅ You will turn that draft into a finished novel.




✅ Planning to Avoid Deadlocks.


✅ Useful resources:


-3 steps to create chapters that hook with a cliffhanger.

-The Enneagram: create the psychology of your characters


How to Write Short Stories + Sueños del más allá: Relatos Cortos Ebook


Publish and promote your book


✅ Create your author brand

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